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Tips for making love to the Capricorn zodiac man

The Capricorn man loves security, routine. The same in bed. Sometimes he is reluctant to have new experiences, he is not someone who is entertained by very daring things. At... , 2020-10-11

The Capricorn man loves security, routine. The same in bed. Sometimes he is reluctant to have new experiences, he is not someone who is entertained by very daring things. At most he may be interested in sexual objects, but very occasionally.

He is a man who likes to dominate in bed: he does what he says, as this gives him security.

The Capricorn is seduced by organisation and comfort, he does not fully enjoy adventurous sex, in exotic or extravagant places. He prefers, in general, the security of the bed and the hygiene of home.

He is also an unromantic
man, so it should be understood that this should not be included in bed.

For many signs this man is boring in bed, because he does not allow himself to be driven by impulses... but he is also a safe man.

The biggest challenge with the Capricorn is to get him to unleash himself sexually a little: if you do this, you will have achieved something very important and you will win him over for good.


Things Capricorn men like in bed

All men want different things when it comes to sex. Many other astrological signs like Pisces and Virgo men are quite reserved, but Capricorns are not so shy.

A Capricorn man likes to get laid before jumping fully into the relationship.
 men love sex and often need it to make them feel loved, but they are not chained by sex. Unlike signs like Scorpio who have very high sex drives, Capricorn is fine with a break from time to time.

They can also be a little shy when it comes to sex, but once they are comfortable with it, they will open up and be ready to explore with you.

Once you're in bed with a Capricorn man, you can let go of the reins and let him take the lead.

Here is a list of what your Capricorn man wants in bed and things to do that he will love.

1. Take the reins!

Many men with similar signs like Virgo, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are generally men who are a little more reserved and more cautious than other signs. Make sure that when you bring your Capricorn man into the bedroom, you take the initiative and show him how passionate you are. He will happily receive it and be grateful for it.

2. You must be elegant.

Capricorn men are not usually too keen on women who put everything out there. Because of their reserved and cautious nature, they focus more on women who take care of themselves and hold themselves to a high standard.

3. Patience is a virtue.

Capricorn men like to take things slowly when it comes to sex. Be sure to do things like show appreciation and affection. Kiss him and have fun with him before quickly jumping into bed.

4. Don't be shy!

Try to be more open with this Capricorn man and express what you want in the bedroom. Make sure you let him know what you want, how to kiss you and how to touch you.


5. Don't rush!

Be sure to take your time with him and try not to rush anything. Don't expect too much at the beginning in a relationship with a Capricorn. Let things progress naturally.

6. Be open about any fantasies or fetishes you have.

If you are interested in trying something new, let him know! Your Capricorn man is very understanding and willing to try something new with you, as long as it's not too soon. He may like the same things you do, just make sure you relax and listen to him too.

7. Don't overdo it.
Capricorn men don't need too much noise in the bedroom. They are more focused on you and your pleasure. These men are natural givers, so be sure to appreciate and give back too!

8. Innocent role play.

Be a little submissive in bed. Have a playful side and let him take charge and guide you to what he likes too. These types of men love to teach new things.

9. Let it all come naturally.

These Capricorn men are practical. Don't worry about trying to impress him too much with glamorous make-up every day, new hairstyles, expensive perfumes and other things. He is already impressed by your beautiful smile.

10. Ask him what he wants.
him questions about his likes and dislikes in bed. Capricorn men are pretty private people, so you may have to try nudging him a little in the right direction.

Or better yet, try subtle things at first and then let him guide you and show you what he likes.

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