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Tips for making love to the Pisces zodiac man

Pisceans are sensitive and optimistic. In bed they need a lot of this sensitivity. The most important thing is to gain their confidence, otherwise they will not open up compl... , 2020-10-11

Pisceans are sensitive and optimistic. In bed they need a lot of this sensitivity. The most important thing is to gain their confidence, otherwise they will not open up completely in sexual relations. When he is hesitant and uninvolved, it means that he is not comfortable.

This man is attracted to sexual objects, he likes to experiment, but hardly with "aggression". He likes affection and romance; he loves a calm atmosphere.

They love silence, to feel the passion of sex... everything that has to be talked about sex should be done before or after, never during the act, unless it is very necessary.

He is a creative man with many sexual fantasies, you must find out what they are in order to satisfy them.


How to turn on the Pisces man in bed

A Pisces man is a dreamer who loves to bring his creativity and fantasies to bed.
, a Pisces man becomes more compatible with a woman who is the exact opposite of him, so that together they form a complete whole.

He prefers to have a partner who is quite receptive to his ideas. But he is also overly sensitive and basically a dreamer. These traits may require his lover to take full control in bed and often make the first move.

A Pisces man is easily attracted to a dominant woman; he finds a dominant woman very attractive. He rarely acts until he is sure.... This is because they have little self-confidence and also do not want to make any woman uncomfortable.

A Pisces man would never pursue a woman, but waits for obvious signs from her. A woman who "plays hard to get" often makes the Pisces man give up quickly.

Sexual play with him will be fun if the woman is dominant. He is open to ideas of dominant and submissive sexual play.

He loves to make love to and be dominated by a powerful woman.

He seeks mutual trust in his partner. A Pisces man will connect on a spiritual and emotional level with his partner.

A Pisces man loves to have long hours of foreplay and seduction. He is turned on by both physical foreplay and mental stimulation.

A woman can turn him on with her tongue and by watching porn together. He even gets turned on by racy conversations.

If his woman goes out of her way to set the mood for sex, he will appreciate her gesture and try to satisfy her fully because he loves the very act of sex and romance.


A little summary of all this...

1. A Pisces man is very affectionate and gentle. If he finds a woman who understands his needs, he will be eager to open up in the bedroom.

2. Pisces men are "best friends". If you keep this in mind while making love and try to make him your best friend first, you will always have a deeply satisfying sex life.

3. A Pisces man is very expressive in love. He might sing a love song or write love poems for you.

4. He needs to feel an emotional connection with his lover and cannot have sex just for fun.

5. A Pisces man is often generous in love, giving gifts and bringing flowers. He needs someone who appreciates his gestures so that he will open up completely in the bedroom.

6. Pisces men usually have a foot fetish. Try caressing him there to turn him on.

7. He makes a good match with people who are very opposite to him. Virgo is a sign that is the exact opposite of Pisces.

8. He is aroused by good music and poetry.

9. Don't criticize him in the bedroom as it will generate negative vibes and ruin his sexual mood.

10. He might torture and tease you in bed just because you are not confident enough to make bold decisions. Appreciate his gestures and he will feel confident.

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