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Tips for making love to the Leo zodiac man

Leo is perhaps the man who needs the most flattery, pampering and adoration of all the horoscopes. He is a man who loves to have everything done for him in bed; he likes to f... , 2020-10-11

Leo is perhaps the man who needs the most flattery, pampering and adoration of all the horoscopes. He is a man who loves to have everything done for him in bed; he likes to feel very well looked after, as if he were a king, the great sexual dominator.

It is important that you highlight his sexual prowess and how much fun you are having; obviously, you have to know how to take advantage of this. The best thing to do is to highlight exactly the things you like the most that he does to you and, as he will always be looking to be praised, he will always do it again and better and better. You have to take advantage of his egocentrism!... he probably won't even know that you manipulate him so easily.

The leonine also likes extravagant sexual things: a visit to the sex shop will delight him. If he is very shy, don't force him, you will surprise him later with what you bought.

He is a passionate man, so he likes it hot; sometimes they go straight to intercourse, if you need more foreplay, you have to tell him. He likes you to be direct with him.


The Leo man and his personality

The Leo man has a massive ego and likes to be applauded for his performance in bed. A Leo man secretly wants to show off his talent by pleasing his partner sexually. He has a great desire to be loved and celebrated by his love.

Quiet emotions do not give him much satisfaction. He wants to hear every time whether or not he was good in bed. If you want to stroke his ego, the best way to do it is to appear giddy and genuinely pleased by his sexual prowess in bed.

A Leo man loves to be flattered. This is another need of the egotistical Leo man.

A woman can get almost anything through flattery, but she needs to be genuine. If she ever discovers that she has been falsely
deceiving him, it will kill him inside.

Compliment him on his looks, his sexual performance, the way he makes you feel, and how happy you are with him. It may sound tedious, but it actually has its benefits.

An extravagant environment

The Leo man loves extravagance. Fancy evening, expensive bottles of champagne or wine, scented candles and beautiful lace lingerie.

A Leo man loves to be pampered while in bed and this simply increases his sexual appetite. Sex for him is a pleasure that needs to be celebrated. He needs to feel important. Routine sex can be very boring for him.

A Leo man secretly wants his woman to organise big celebrations every time he plans an intimate encounter.


Leo likes to lead in bed

Let your Leo man take the lead in bed. He loves to be in control of the situation and take the initiative sexually. This could mean waiting for him to kiss you first or asking you to do a little striptease for him.

Let him come up with role play ideas and let him be the dominant one most of the time. He might agree sexually to a little submissive role play, but you should ask him first.

It may sound a little unfair to anyone reading this, but there is a real advantage to this. The Leo man is so good in bed that you won't mind him leading.

Dirty sex for Leo

Leo prefers kinky or dirty sex. Get some sex toys to add.... Sex with a Leo can be very dramatic. He is
always special and always very energetic and passionate.

Quickies are not usually his thing. You could turn him on with erotic stories or dirty talk and ask him about his sexual fantasies.

If you want to turn your Leo man on, caress his back! The back is the Leo man's most erogenous zone. You can turn him on at any time just by caressing his back.


Passionate kisses for Leo

While you are in bed with a Leo man, you can scratch and bite him in the middle of the act. This turns him on a lot and makes him feel that he has a great effect on you.

Sex with him can be very passionate and the passion is simply ignited even more by your scratching and biting. It will make him feel like you are going crazy when he makes love to you.

Always with passionate kisses throughout the actor. Give him a love bite wherever you want it and he will only love you for it.

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