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What are the weaknesses and negative traits of the Aries sign?

These people are impulsive and when they get angry, they may react unpredictably.... , 2020-05-24

Being impulsive, Aries naturals can do reckless things and act in bizarre ways. Their nerves always seem to be on edge, which means they can end up destroying everything in their path when they get upset.

Selfish too, they get even angrier when their dreams don't come true quickly. Aries people simply love to be in the limelight. In case things are not going well for them or they are not accepted as leaders, they may start complaining.

Aries weaknesses in a nutshell:

They can lose control in overly emotional situations;
- When it comes to love, they tend not to see beyond their inflated egos;
- They love their families dearly, but often act disappointed because they expect too much;
- When it comes to work, they cannot take advice or criticism from others.

Leaving destruction behind them

Those with the Sun in Aries need attention or they may start to overdo it with their emotions in order to have all the attention on them.

More than this, they seem to have fluctuations in their emotions and wish that others were feeling emotions as intensely as they are.

For this reason, they often don't argue about anything with their loved ones. When Aries individuals do not have their creativity on fire, they become very nervous.

It would be a good idea for them to have many ways of expressing themselves because otherwise, they will take all their anger out on others. They don't need to be so intense and work in a disciplined way.

Being ruled by the planet of shadows and war Mars, Aries are fighters. The impulsiveness of these people is intense, not to mention that they have a lot of vitality and are always ready to fight.

Mars is also the ruler of the physical and motivation. Natives of this sign can remedy the dark side of this planet by challenging themselves, all the time.

The worst that can happen is that they hurt themselves or their loved ones when they are too passionate and do not think about the consequences of their actions.

Aries who are insecure have a tendency to take things personally and express themselves forcefully.

When this happens, the Aries does nothing but leave a lot of destruction behind, especially if individuals are allowing the dark side to be conquered.
they seem to be very graceful in expressing their authority. If they feel abandoned, they become vindictive and nasty.

One of their flaws is that they underestimate their opponents and can be left in defeat when this happens. Mars makes them emotional and wants everything to happen quickly.

People born under the sign of Aries always want to be first and cannot accept any position other than that of a leader.

Not having enough patience, when they are challenged or have something to do, they get angry and are anxious to make things better.

They seem to need to learn to plan as well as to insist on the way they are doing things, and also to be patient when they have to make their dreams come true.

The aggressiveness of natives with their Sun in this sign is probably their greatest flaw. The Sun is considered to belong to the feminine element, Mars is strength, youth and dominant force.

When difficulties arise, Arians may go through emotional crises, which consist of stimulation of the nerves and increased enthusiasm, problems and irritation begin to appear.

This is followed by aggressiveness, the release of emotions such as hysterical outbursts, fighting, biting and even hysteria.

However, these emotions can fade away and the natives can regain their peace as if nothing had happened.

Weaknesses of each decan of Aries

Aries of the first decanate are the exclusive and glamorous type, the ones who always ask for more, daring to unconsciousness.

These people are the ones who always instigate and express their femininity without being aware of the place they occupy.

Arians of the second decade are more than a few times strange, most of the time vainly boastful, energetic and active.

They can lose control when they are too emotional. Never doubting what they feel, their impulsiveness does not keep them safe from fits of temper.

Aries of the third decade find that emotions are sapping them of their strength, but at least they are becoming more caring and loving when they are truly loving.

These natives can lose their heads when they are in love and when they have to deal with their own emotions.

Love and Friendships: Negative Aries Traits
Aries natives are, as mentioned above, idealistic and impulsive. Hasty and sometimes aggressive, they tend to act before thinking and find challenges exhilarating.

It is easy for them to fall in love, not to mention that they can be disappointed just as quickly when it comes to romantic feelings.

When it comes to bed, they ask for a lot, not to mention that they are always thinking of themselves and do not have enough patience for romance to set in because it is just a matter of acting.
When they are too jealous or not mature enough to understand how human nature works, their relationships can end.

These people are nervous, tired and always focused on having their own interests satisfied first.

Their connections with others cause them to have a greater love for themselves.

As mentioned before, Arians have a very quick temperament and cannot accept too much. More than this, they love to challenge others and cannot resist taking risks.

As friends, they can be annoying and unwilling to compromise. When it comes to their long-term friendships, they seem to forget their connections easily and end up fighting with their loved ones because they are too stubborn.

Arians are strong-willed and cannot be quiet, no matter who asks them to be, and no matter what the situation.

With an inflated ego, they prefer to run the show, which means their personality is authoritarian, also making them blind to what others want and need.

Wanting things done their way, they may bully others and refuse to say they are sorry when someone tells them they are not.

It's just that they simply don't care and in this way, they are making many enemies who may act against their wishes.

This fire sign is definitely one that attracts many opponents. Those who are with them must be tough.

Many of the Aries individuals have no judgement whatsoever, which means they can do the most unimaginable things and after saying that they were just being honest.

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