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Aries as friends: why you should have Arians in your life

The Aries friend has an excess of energy, which means that he will appear spontaneous and too impulsive at times.... , 2020-05-24

Aries-born people are the best friends you can have because they will brighten up your day in the shortest possible time. Expect endless adventures full of craziness, innovative ideas and unforgettable experiences. They may be too impulsive and spontaneous for some people, but they will try not to leave anyone behind.

As we have already said, although they are stubborn and disorganised, they will never take friendships for granted or betray their friends. However impulsive they may be, the bonds between two people are sacred to them. Moreover, they always tell the truth because they believe it is far more important than avoiding hurting people.


Top five reasons why everyone needs an Aries friend

1) Fun is the word of the day with them around.
2) They will stand up to fight the whole world for their friends.
3) They will always tell you the truth, even if they risk hurting you.
4) Great listeners, they will help you with your problems, no matter how trivial.
5) They will make you see the bright side of any situation.


The soul of the place

The truth is out there for anyone to see. It should not be taken for granted that Arians are the most devoted friends anyone could wish for. Say what you will, but they will not jump ship at the first sight of danger. Rather, they will rise up to fight the whole world for their friends.

When the time comes, they will not be slow to offer their support. Unless you make only a superficial analysis, you cannot believe otherwise. Sure, they are unconventional and prefer to do their own thing without anyone else's involvement, but that doesn't mean they don't value friendships.

Aries natives will always prefer to be direct and honest, even if it may upset people. It is the only way they can function without betraying themselves.

If something is going on, they won't hesitate to address it. After all, that is the mature and responsible way of perceiving things.

What's more, they will want you to do the same as their friend. That is, if you notice something wrong or are unhappy with something they've done, don't beat around the bush and spark a conversation to talk about it.

They are full of energy and itching to go on the next adventure, so you will have to get used to their extreme dynamism.
don't have to worry about them being needy or overly possessive, because they prefer to do things on their own, with their own rules.

They know how to be present in the moment to offer support and affection to those who matter.

With an excess of energy, Aries natives will come across as spontaneous and overly impulsive at times, with no respect for anyone or anything.

That's true in a way, but at the same time, you can't help but enjoy the fuss they're making. What can you do? They are very creative and imaginative.

Know that your Aries friends are very good listeners because they really care about what happens to you and your close friends. Tell them anything, all your secrets, disappointments, issues and problems, and you will find that they pay close attention and offer advice.

They are the life of the party wherever they go. No matter what happens, they know how to bring back the joy and fun.

You can't be annoyed around them, as they are very good at making jokes, poking fun at different situations and spreading their deep vitality to everyone else.

Although you know and see that Arians are very kind and care a lot about their friendships, you don't have to keep quiet about things that bother you either. Even they would not want that.

Honesty is paramount to them and they expect you to stand up to yourself and demand respect, understanding and good treatment.

One more thing to say about them is that they are generally very smart and action-oriented, which means they will rarely wait for someone else to make a decision. They hate waiting for people and will usually take the initiative if no one else does.

Aries natives will always want to seek out friends who intrigue them. Exciting and adventurous people who know how to have fun.
want to experience life at its peak, spice things up, never run out of ideas and go beyond their limits. Boredom is the great enemy, the arch enemy to be avoided at all costs.

To get them intrigued and interested in someone, it takes a lot of work and spirit. They would have to be dynamic and optimistic, hopeful and cheerful, to see life from a different perspective than most people.

However, Arians are very easy to anger, and could also explode if you are
 not careful.


Unbridled energy

They are impressed by many things, so you won't have to do anything special to get their attention. In fact, Aries natives have so many friends that it's amazing how they can still walk down the street without running into some of them.

Their whole life is based on the same principles: make friends, experience the world, do exciting things, and never get bored.

They hate doing tedious things like going for a coffee or a walk in the park. They consider those things old-fashioned. Try to think outside the box, unconventional. For example, Libra is very good at taming the unbridled energy that pours out of Arians at every turn.

These people are not the sentimental or romantic type. They usually go about their own business, focusing on their own development and getting too involved in fun. They don't think too much about it when they forget to text or contact you.

If you remind them of the fun you could have together and get straight to the point, they will take you
up on your offer immediately. This is why they are most appreciated in any group, because they never go back on their words and because they are so energetic. Fun is the word of the day with them around.

Just remember that they will always try to take the lead and control the situation. That's natural for such energetic and impulsive characters. You can't stop them from doing what they want.

Don't worry, though, because they won't lead you into unfortunate or too dangerous situations, with emphasis on "too much". There will be exciting risks. They want to organise and initiate projects and events, make the decisions about the arrangement and details of everything.

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