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What gifts to buy for the Aquarius woman

In this article some tips on gifts that may appeal to the Aquarius woman.... , 2020-05-24

Aquarians will love any gift you give them, as long as they have never seen it before. An envelope with a plastic gift card from a chain shop found in any major city will make them feel like they really don't care about you at all. Find your Aquarius woman something as unique and unusual as she is. Aquarians love rare crystals and stones, and all sorts of strange treasures from the natural world.

Many Aquarius women enjoy wearing bold, bright
 colours and accessories with unusual elements, such as bright green shoes or a large orange handbag. Anything quirky or unexpected will suit their taste for the bizarre, and they love to wear anything they can turn into a conversation piece. The more questions a distinctive item of clothing or jewellery provokes, the better.

Aquarius women love surprises, but it's best to check with them ahead of time to make sure their tastes don't suddenly change, as they often do. An air sign can create a strangely stubborn but mercurial sensibility. This can be confusing when it comes to their dietary habits, taste in lovers and travel preferences, so when in doubt, ask lots of questions!

Aquarians love to talk about what they love, and will show no interest if you show interest in learning what they like.

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