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What gifts to buy for Leo's wife

In this article some tips on gifts that Leo women might like.... , 2020-05-24

The Leo woman desires luxury, ideally in the form of sumptuous fabrics, woven in rich tones. In fact, the more jewellery. Although she would prefer real gemstones, rather than rubies and gold, a Leo will still be delighted to receive eye-catching costume jewellery if the design is unique enough.

Although not all Leo girls present this way, the quintessential Leo decade was absolutely the 1980s: think Madonna (the Leo goddess) in Desperately Seeking Susan, or Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl: bright, bold colours, huge hair (echoing her lion), stiletto heels, suits with boss shoulder pads, and sharp, shiny, painted claws. Not all Leo women are so obvious about their desire to get everyone's attention when they enter a room, but count on a Leo lady who always wears something unusual and a dignified conversation.

To treat your Leo woman, test her constantly with gifts and small presents, especially for no particular reason or holiday. A bouquet of flowers, her favourite scent, or even some nail polish in an extravagant shade or a new lipstick will please her.

Take her to a wonderful restaurant and then to the opera if you really want to impress her, because humble evenings won't be enough for a lover of all things luxurious like your favourite Leo.

Go the extra mile, make an effort and win her heart by showing that you are willing to make a gesture as extravagant as your feelings for her, and you will have this Lioness eating out of your hand in no time.

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