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This is why a Scorpio is impossible to forget.

Scorpio is a powerful zodiac sign: here's why they are hard to forget.... , 2020-05-20

There is a reason why they are called Scorpio.


The most powerful of the zodiac signs, instilling fear in many. They are the sign you definitely do not want to cross. They are the most loyal of friends and the deadliest of enemies. They don't believe in the status quo and you either love them or fear them.


Determined and success-oriented, Scorpios have their eyes on the prize. They are focused on what they want and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. In love, once they have decided they are with you, they are steadfast in their dedication to love you for eternity. Their affection is unwavering and they vow to cherish you whether at the height of success or the wreck of tragedy.


They don't fall in love easily, but once they do, you can be sure that every piece of their heart has your name on it. Every promise they made is meant to make sure it will materialise.


When a Scorpio loves you, they will not hide the depth of their feelings and will not deceive you with confusing actions. They establish their strong presence in all aspects of your life. Their feelings are built on the most solid foundation of effort that nothing can deter them. They allow no barriers to stand between what they love and will stop at nothing to eliminate any perceived threat to their relationship with you.


Slowly but surely you find yourself falling in love with them.


In this superficial world of modern dating, Scorpios are the embodiment of what is real. In this age of instant connection and running away from attraction, they give you a love that lasts and lasts. In this wildly unpredictable nature of love, they devote their total commitment to loving you with everything they have.


The thing about falling in love with a Scorpio is that you can be sure they will never take you for a ride. They are explicitly honest about their feelings and when they love you, you know it.


Scorpios don't waste their time on anything casual. They only form bonds that are made to last. They only love when they are ready, not when they are bored or lonely. They pledge their love to you only when they want to be with you.


Love with them is not easy. They challenge every ounce of your patience and test your limitation to stretch your comfort zone. They tear down your walls and dismantle your guard by going straight to your heart. They won't stop asking and probing until you truly open up to them. They have no qualms about making you theirs, body and soul.


Love with them is not for the faint of heart. Yet there is something about them that makes you try. Something about their magnetic charm that gets you hooked for more. Something dark and mysterious about them that you find irresistible and no matter how hard you try, you can't push it away. Something about the way they love in the extremes that you wish you could be the object of their affection.


Their love is timeless and transcends boundaries and circumstances. They just want to make you theirs and hold on to you tightly, even if the world would break apart right now.


They will never let you go and, honestly, you don't want to let them go either.

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