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What gifts to buy for the Aquarius man

In this article some tips on gifts that may appeal to the Aquarius man.... , 2020-05-24

If you appreciate the unusual and enjoy the search for something truly extraordinary, you will be delighted to find gifts for your Aquarius man, who has a habit of collecting rare things. He may find that he will value and use the electric shaver or the fancy teeth-cleaning gadget he got for his last birthday, but he won't be as enthusiastic about them as he is about the odd Victorian stereoscope with the accompanying slides or an antique magnifying glass with a jade handle.

He likes objects that combine form and function, and anything that appeals to his childlike sense of curiosity will go with Aquarius' inquisitive personality and voracious hunger for knowledge. Don't make the mistake of giving this guy something too ordinary: playing with a boring gift won't get his attention, and he may interpret anything too practical as a lack of interest on your part.

Books, magazines, comics and beautiful works of art always captivate his cerebral intellect, and the rarer the better. If you're willing to dig through stacks of tomes in an antique shop to find the obscure medical textbook of their dreams or a rare print of a controversial political pamphlet, you'll find this air sign's eyes light up. He loves to meditate, wonder and let his mind wander, so give him something to keep his concentration.

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