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What gifts to buy for the Virgo man

In this article some tips on gifts that the Virgo man might like.... , 2020-05-24

Virgo men have a penchant for gifts that appeal to their fastidious personalities and vanity regarding their appearance, so fancy shaving soap, hand-carved horn combs and monogrammed cufflinks would work well.

They will appreciate anything beautifully made, especially if it was created specifically with them in mind. Virgos love bespoke tailoring, leather-bound journals and handmade jewellery, especially silver or gold. An antique signet ring in sapphire, the Virgo birthstone, would make them swoon inwardly while maintaining a decorously impassive outward attitude.

Virgo men tend to be modest when it comes to their own needs and can be notoriously difficult to buy for because they often don't trust their loved ones to really pay attention to what will truly please them. When your Virgo says, "Oh, nothing really..." in response to your query about what they want for their birthday, whatever you do, don't believe them! They secretly want to be adored, but usually never ask.

Having said that, shy Virgo
men abhor being made a spectacle of, so think twice before planning that surprise party for them, or telling the waiter to make a scene with the whole restaurant singing loudly to them. Boisterous parties full of rowdy drunks tend to get on these guys' nerves, so maybe consider having a nice dinner party at their house to celebrate instead. Offer them their gifts in private and show them that you've really been paying attention to the tomes they were perusing in the bookstore, or the goodies they've marked in their favourite catalogues.

If you can get access to it, trust that all Virgo men have a wish list of all the things they've been craving somewhere... for which they're saving every last penny...

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