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What gifts to buy for the Leo man

In this article some tips on gifts that Leo men might like.... , 2020-05-24

A Leo man loves all things outrageous, so keep in mind that if you want to impress him, you must be prepared to do something grandiose.

He's seen it all before, so what he really wants from you is nothing less than, well, your whole heart. On a silver platter (no, make it gold). Your "heart" means your authenticity, your vulnerability and your willingness and all that you have to offer.

Translate this kind of courage to gift-giving, and you'll find that while it doesn't require a platinum credit card (though it certainly couldn't hurt), the best way to show your Leo man that you're angry for him is to do something so memorable, so utterly unforgettable that he'll be yielding dinner parties with stories about it for years to come.

You may have to listen carefully for months as he expounds on all his favourite things, or do a little spy work to come up with something that shows him that you've really been paying attention and that you really care.

A dedicated gourmet, Leo men love to eat good food, even if they don't particularly like to prepare it. A fabulous multi-course dinner at a well-regarded restaurant is a special treat, but only if it's somewhere he hasn't been a thousand times before. Leos prefer the unusual, so opt for Burmese or Paraguayan fusion.

A Leo may seem a little presumptuous and ostentatiously vain, loving to take care of his fabulous mane, hair care products, beard oil or a session with a great barber, everyone will talk about his desire to be the most beautiful lion of all.

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