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What is it like to be in a relationship with an Aquarius woman?

What you will find if you date an Aquarius woman: personality, surprises What to expect?... , 2020-05-18

This one breaks all tradition, so don't expect convention with her. She is the definition of eccentric.


Conversation will never be boring with her. She is stimulating and unpredictable to be with. The Aquarius woman needs constant stimulation. You will need to keep her on her toes and entertain her. She likes to stand out from the crowd, so you will have to do and try something a little different to get and keep her attention.


Be calm with her and don't ask for too much time or attention. She enjoys her independence. She wants to feel she can be herself around you and with you. Although she does not like to be tied down, she is devoted to the partner she considers perfect. Respect means everything to her. Give it to her. Keep it. Don't lose it.


She also needs to be physically stimulated. She is interested in trying new things sexually and being unpredictable in the bedroom. She is all about breaking the rules.

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