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What is it like to be in a relationship with a Leo woman?

What you will find if you date a Leo woman: personality, surprises What to expect?... , 2020-05-18

It's really no surprise that you find yourself attracted to a Leo woman. She is all fire, self-assured and charming. She is one of the most generous signs and likes to give more than to receive. What she wants most is your admiration, devotion and appreciation. See how she is equally attracted to you when you give this to her.


Get on her bad side and be prepared to stay on her bad side. There is likely to be no turning back, or at best, it will be very difficult to get her back. With a Leo woman, know what it is to forgive but not to forget.


While she wants to be the centre of your world, she will also make you the centre of hers once she has fallen in love with you. Expect her to be fiercely loyal and extremely committed. You will never have to guess if a Leo woman likes you. She just is, or she isn't, and whichever it is, trust that you'll know.


To keep her happy, always remember your share of words and actions to soothe the ego. Never make her jealous. Make sure you don't lose your backbone, while she wants to be adored, she also wants someone to put her in her place.


She has all the energy in the world and can get bored easily. Keep things interesting, take her on a spontaneous road trip, a hike in the mountains, a music festival, and keep her on her toes. Let her take charge too. She loves it, she's a born leader. Respect her freedom and be sure to give her space or she will tire of you.


The Leo woman is very sexually liberated. She is confident in her movements and her body. She can take charge in the bedroom, and is, in fact, excellent at being aggressive, but she also wants to be dominated. She wants to let her guard down when she takes her clothes off with you.

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