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What is it like to be in a relationship with a Cancer woman?

What you will find if you date a Cancer woman: personality, surprises What to expect?... , 2020-05-18

Deeply intuitive, the Cancer woman is highly attuned to her emotions as well as those of others. She can be difficult to know, but this is only to say that she is complicated. This is because she is deeply emotional and sensitive. As a water sign, she is ruled by her feelings and guided by her heart.


Cancer women want to be swept off their feet and expect the romance of a lifetime. The surest way to start such an affair is to be completely absorbed in what she has to say. Listen to her.


Family and friends are very important to her. Make sure you make an effort to respect them, get to know them and keep them happy too. Once she lets you in and gets close to you, she will see your relationship as a kind of home life and will do her best to maintain it because she loves you as much as she loves her family.


She does not fall in love quickly. You have to respect her and earn her trust first, but once she falls in love with you, she will stay in love with you. Break her trust, and watch how she never forgets.


She is very affectionate and expects passion from you to be happy. What she craves is connection. She is not looking for a one-night stand.


Incredibly compassionate, you will always feel like you have an ear and a shoulder with a Cancer woman as a partner. She is also extremely protective and nurturing, so be prepared to feel suckled by her at times. You may even see her rearranging your wardrobe or cleaning your house.


The way to seduce her is to make her feel spiritually connected. She needs a partner who makes her feel comfortable and safe to express her sexuality. Expect passion. Give her passion.

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