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What is the most annoying thing about the Sagittarius sign?

What are the most negative and annoying traits of the Sagittarius sign.... , 2020-05-24

You don't know how to stand still. You are unpredictable and your boundless energy wears others down. You live to explore all that the world has to offer, but this often results in a lack of stability and consistency in life. Sometimes you become a random mess.


You are loud and obnoxious.


You have this tendency to change your ideas, sometimes your tastes. You're on top of the latest trends. You're that annoying fashion hipster. You're always trying to get your friends to agree with new styles and fashion points. You have those current fixations that you won't shut up about and that annoy everyone around you.


Sometimes you come across as shallow and aloof, cold and distant.


You're fun, the life of the party, but you're careless and distracted.


Others around you get annoyed with you because you are unable to accept someone else's point of view besides your own. You become argumentative and take it to the next level. You seem to lack empathy because you find it hard to take other people's problems seriously.


What bothers people most about you is the fact that you think you are always right and can never agree to disagree.

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