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What I have learned from a relationship between Leo and Virgo

An article about a personal experience about the Leo - Virgo love relationship that can help you in your relationship.... , 2020-05-17

Sometimes it can be difficult to love people.


Sometimes the lines blur between love and lust and sometimes it is difficult for a person to realise how they go hand in hand.


If you find yourself in a Leo-Virgo relationship, let me tell you this: your differences can make or break you.


So look at how they treat you, how you treat them, what the relationship is like when you are together and when you are apart.


If you are in a Leo-Virgo relationship, you may find it difficult to love the other person. Trust me on this. I'm a Virgo and have had my fair share of relationships with Leo men. We are almost complete opposites and sometimes have a hard time understanding each other.


Virgos love love.


We are anxious creatures. When we don't have that security we crave and when our love is unrequited, we tend to doubt ourselves. We become our own worst qualities in the extreme: hyper-sensitive, overwhelmingly anxious, and a control freak.


Virgos will over-analyse everything and apologise for everything (even if they are not at fault) just because they want the people around them to be happy. Sometimes it is annoying.


Like, we get it, you're an anxious mess. Relax.


Leos never choose love first.


"Love? I don't know her." Mariah Carey but also a Leo.


Sure, they are very passionate and hard-working, but not when it comes to relationships. They are fiercely independent. When they set their minds to something, they are determined to achieve it and optimistic that they will. It's admirable, really. Still, they tend to be self-centred and unsympathetic. A Virgo would never do that.


Leos, at their worst, are stubborn and will never apologise for being wrong, even if they are. Leos are so confident; they are cool, calm and collected and sometimes it comes across as an "idgaf" attitude. How do they do it?


Love is not in the cards for the Leo or Virgo in the relationship. Lust, maybe, sure, but love too? No.


I didn't love these men. I could have, but they wouldn't even let me try.


Through my experiences, I have learned to let go and move on. I have learned to give myself love instead.

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