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To love a Libra woman is to love all of her

How to love a Libra woman: an almost poetic article for you to consider.... , 2020-05-17

To Libra: a pastel pink colour, a harmonious atmosphere, a gentle love.


If you have a Libra in your life, you need to understand and love every part of it.


To love a Libra is to love how she appreciates art.


Libras are involved in passion projects. They appreciate the principles of balance and harmony in art above all. They will not necessarily be overly critical of others.


To love a Libra is to know that they need balance. 


People pleasing? Of course they are. People are attracted to Libra because they want to make everyone happy. Libras love people.


At the same time, they need their time alone. To grow, they need space and time to discover new parts of themselves that they can show.


To love a Libra is to know that they need love.


When there is love, that means partnerships. Their only real desire is to be in a relationship with someone. Relationship = attention. And yes, Libras love attention.


So if you love her, love all of her. She wants to be noticed and appreciated.


To love a Libra is to love love love itself.


Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. They thrive best in a love-centred atmosphere. A soft and safe space.


So when you think of a Libra, think of a pastel-coloured room. Notice how everything in the room is balanced. I love it.

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